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Was born in 1965 in Toulouse. Lives and works in Haute Garonne.

The passion of Jean-Marc Amigues for the drawing and the painting dates back to his youth. It was for a long time a discreet but present hobby, to which he finally preferred a medical career. Nevertheless, his artist’s look on things and life remained. His drawings were faithful representations of selected models. The hyperrealism was the first movement that allowed him to discover, study and work.

But soon this relationship with reality raised doubts: What is a photograph? What is a painting? Is this just two ways to capture an image, a snapshot, a reality? Working with his own pictures, he adds, by various means, the effects of blur and motion. Photography and painting are for him complementary.

Hyperrealist painter at the beginning, Jean-Marc Amigues decides to distort and deconstruct the image. Its aim is not to show a faithful copy of what he sees but a multitude of things, of shapes and meanings. From the net portrait suggested, he encourages the viewer to interpret the gray areas, the blurs, to fill the empty spaces and thereby create its own representation, its reality.

The delicate and poetic painting of Jean-Marc Amigues, which is not without reminding us Gerhard Richter’s series Portraits and Families, therefore raises questions about the image and its perception. As if he wanted to remind us that the origin of things, the world of painting, can only survive in a hidden state.

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