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The Artima gallery invites you to discover the new exhibition of Julien Graizely titled Surexpositon (over-exposure) # 2, the second chapter of the exhibition presented in 2007.

Installed near Royan, the spectacle of the seaside during the summer remains an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Characters, sketch with a fast feature and without concern of the detail, devote themselves to the joys of the beach overcame by the heat. Here resides the only common thing with Surexposition # 1.

Julien Graizely works on paper today. He explores. He plays with space, time and knowledges which he masters and diverts by a lively and free gesture. From its paintings to its delicate drawings with infinite lines remains the contrast, the light and the vibration. Contrast of the lines. A graphic line, sure, empty but vibrating silhouettes outlined with graphite, superimposed moments. And then, the impulse of the gesture: the scrawl which erases, the scratch which hides or fills, this thick and powerful black line which replaces a head who think.

Solo exhibitions:

En attendant - Galerie Artima - Paris
En attendant - Galerie Olivier Waltman - Paris

Overexposure - Waltman Ortega Fine Art - Miami

Surexposition - Galerie Olivier Waltman - Paris2016
Vous reprendrez bien une chaise - Abbaye de Trizay - Rochefort
Recent works - Galerie Olivier Waltman - Paris
New York - Galerie Artima - Paris

Abbaye de Trizay
Surexposition #2 – galerie Artima - Paris

Veronique Fontaine - La Rochelle
Galerie Matière Première - Surgères
La Mélangerie - Saint Sauvant
Galerie Etre et Connaître - La Rochelle
2006 - 2009
Galerie Artima - Paris
Galerie Etre et Connaître - La Rochelle
2003 - 2005
Galerie W - Paris

Group shows:

Spring Equinox - Waltman Ortega Fine Art - Miami
Winter show - Galerie Artima - London

Sous les pavés, la plage - Galerie Artima - Paris
Collection Particulière - Galerie Artima - Paris

Affordable Art Fair - Bruxelles - Galerie Artima

Galerie itinérante - La Rochelle

Art Atlantic - La Rochelle

Art Atlantic - La Rochelle
Galerie Pourquoi Pas - Saint Jean d’Angely
Galerie Esprit Art - la Baule
Art London - Galerie Olivier Waltman
Bridge Art Fair - Galerie Olivier Waltman - Miami
St’Art  - Contemporary Art fair of  Strasbourg - Galerie Artima - Paris

La Coupole - Bordeaux
Galerie Artima - Paris
Géraldine Zberro - Paris
2003 - 2005
Galerie W - Paris
2002 – 2005
Galerie Art Up Déco

Others projects:

2014 - 2017
Rémy Cointreau project: 80 drawings of cocktails and portraits of bartenders for the Group of Artists 1806 - New York - USA
Stand-in of the hands of Géricault for the film The Raft of Medusa - Grand angle Production for Arte

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