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Keymi was born in Paris (1973). Lives and works at Clermont-Ferrand.

Keymi (slang for Mickey) started to paint in 1990. He grew up during the hip hop trend and made his first fresco and graffiti using spray in 1992.  After his studies in art of history in Clermont Ferrand University, he became an artist and try new techniques out like aerographs, watercolor or acrylic paintings between 1995 and 1998. Those new medium made his artworks richer, his technique became unique and he started a new visual identity very different from the traditional graffiti.

Keymi is inspired by famous illustrator like Giger, Alien’s maker, Franck Frazetta, Boris Valejo, Brom, Gil Elvgren, Alberto Vargas, Sorayama Luis Royo and by calligraphist such as Claude Médiavilla, Hassan Massoudi, Fabienne Verdier. He is also interested in comics and mangas even if he likes paintings and landscape of the classicism. He likes baroque frescos and the rococo churches although he also appreciates 20th century painting and custom and tattoo aesthetics.      

His graffiti are divided in two categories: the characters and the letters. Since a couple of years, he covers the grey walls of Clermont Ferrand. Firstly made in total illegality, his paintings acquired then the indulgence of the administrations, now the municipal services shall not erased those. Keymi received several command from the official services. Always searching for a place full of memories, of atmosphere, he paint on the buildings that are a testimony of our stay on earth, like if he wanted to struggle against the time and make what he paints become eternal.

Keymi sometimes paint his characters and letters on canvas, with spray or acrylic on large sizes. « People don’t like tags because they are unable to understand it, although they know that something is written, that is why I searched to change the trend. I want to make the abstract writing more popular, with graphic aesthetics or a lot of texture to recall the wall where those words were painted on». Since 2009, Keymi is making some letters cut and stuck on wood, on cardboard or on expended polystyrene. Lately, he started a series called the Pin-Up Puzzles with resin and polystyrene, which were exhibited at Galerie Artima, an homage to those women of the 50’s that Alberto Vargas and Gil Elvgren made famous.


Solo show - Galerie Artima - Paris
Mo n' Key pop #2 - L'O du Désert - Clermont Ferrand
Design - Exposition collective - Galerie Artima - Paris
Lexus - Aubière

Cacophonies #2 - Solo show - Galerie Artima - Paris
AAF London - Galerie Artima
Street Art with Jo di Bona and Zenoy - Galerie Artima - London
Winter show - group show - Galerie Artima - Paris

Galerie Burkhard Eikelman - Düsseldorf
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AAF Lausanne
Galerie Artima - London
Bear Galerie - Uzès
AFF London - Galerie Artima
Pin-Up - Group show with Jörg Döring - Galerie Artima
Artered gallery - New York

Collection particulière - group show - Galerie Artima - Paris
Cacophonie - solo show - Galerie Artima - Paris
Clermont Urban Graff
Connexion française - solo show - Urban Art - Edinburgh
AAF London - Galerie Artima
Les Arts en Balade - Clermont-Ferrand

Trans'urbaines 2015 - Clermont-Ferrand
Galerie Petitjean - Lyon
The Aberdeen Art Fair - Urbane Art - Edinburgh
AAF Battersea London - Galerie Artima
Pin up et graffitis - solo show - Galerie Artima - Paris
AAF Bruxelles - Bear Galerie

St-Art - Strasbourg - Bear galerie
AFF London - Galerie Artima
Trans’urbaines 2014 - Clermont Ferrand
Bear galerie - exposition collective - Uzès
ART3F - Montpellier - Bear Galerie
Keep calm and love street art - group show - Galerie Géraldine Zberro - Paris
Artoulouse Expo -  Bear Galerie
ART3F - Lyon -  Bear Galerie
Bulles et Pin up Puzzles - solo show - Galerie Artima - Paris
ART3F - Nantes  - Bear Galerie
Galerie Cour intérieure - Clermont-Ferrand
AAF Bruxelles - Bear Galerie

Galerie Cour intérieure - Clermont-Ferrand
Art3F – Mulhouse - Bear Galerie
St-Art – Strasbourg - Bear Galerie
AFF London - Galerie Artima
Trans’urbaines 2013 - Clermont Ferrand
Félix & Co - Group show - Château d'Hauterive - Issoire
Galerie Artima - Paris - Solo exhibition

Bear Galerie - Uzès

Solo exhibition - Clermont-Ferrand

Opening of the 100m² -  permanent exhibition with the artist Yoco and Marjorie Herréro
Solo exhibition - Espace Victoire -  Clermont-Ferrand

Edition  of a book on 3 years work on the walls of  Clermont-Ferrand
Solo exhibition - Eglise Neuve  - Entraigues
Invité d’honneur  - group exhibition -  Cusset
Trans’urbaines - graffiti coordinator - Clermont-Ferrand
Rencontres graff - artistic director - La Roche-Blanche
Group exhibition of Plasticiens from the Puy de Dôme
Exhibition at the Abattoirs - Riom

Group show -  siège social de l’OPAC - Puy de Dôme
Solo exhibition - Commentry

Marché d’art contemporain de Bastille - Paris
Solo exhibition - ESC - Clermont-Ferrand
Solo exhibition - Orcet

Shanghai Art Fair – CHN
Construction site of the tramway work - Clermont-Ferrand
Solo exhibition - Mairie - Le Cendre
Solo exhibition - Montluçon
Galerie L’Antilope - Lyon - Solo exhibition

Solo exhibition - la Roche Blanche
Graffiti Fair of  la Roche Blanche – artistic director since 2003

Solo exhibition – Mairie de Clermont-Ferrand

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