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Born in 1961 in Belgium where he still lives and works today, Ronald Dupont is self-educated.

Since 1988, the work of Ronald Dupont has evolved, as much in the decoration, in the spaces, in the cities or the personages ... as in the materials used. Today, Ronald Dupont works with Venice turpentine, which enables him to capture in his paintings the vibrating reflections of the city. He also uses plastic and others materials and this constant search of novelty punctuates obstinately the approach of the artist.

Often misleading our apprehension of perspective, he opens the surface of the painting to a dimension up to now invisible.The eye enjoys losing itself in the complexity and the richness of his compositions; the bold colours and sophisticated textures. It is an enigmatic, captivating painting, full of life but also of fears and fragility.

Ronald Dupont has been exhibited worldwide for the last 25 years including France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, USA (Miami, Washington, California), Lebanon and Dubai. His work features in numerous private, public and corporate collections.collections.


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Galerie Argo - Knokke (B)
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