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Born in 1975 in Strasbourg.
Lives and works in Gerardmer, France.

Maxime Acker's work is pluridisciplinary.There has been an installation work expressing itself in the form of an antagonism stretching from symbols or signs of an industrial knowledge and immediate Nature. Large size photographies were made from the installations. They were shown in France and abroad, in Switzerland, in the Philippines and in the Kingdom of Bahrein.
Nevertheless volume remains one of the major materials of Maxime Acker's creation. In 2010, sculpture emerged as an obvious medium leading to the series « IN.HUMAN » A series indirectly impregnated by the three years the artist spent in Manila, Philippines, working with street children. Only after a few years after the end of his sojourn in Asia, Maxime Acker realized that the most obsessing vision was, remains, and will remain a ragged teddy bear abandoned on a fuming dump.
Nowadays, Maxime Acker likes being on the margin of mainstream currents. In search for is own coherence and authenticity, he assertively fixes limits to his own freedom of expression. Between the limits stands a formally materialized work orientated toward allegory.
« In my present work I am interested in mental areas were childhood and adulthood are intertwined. I attempt to open a reading area between cold, hard texture of iron or bronze and a specific figuration -- should one say childish ? deja vu ? Yes, doubtless, but precisely on the verge of both issues ...
Still, I don't think my sculptures are childish, they seek to reach an emotional material we, adults, have matured away from. Teddy-bears on the verge of being men, beings on the verge of consciousness who - depending on the mental universe they meet - scare or touch. I believe there is a more or less conscious crack in every existence. It corresponds to the moment when, at the mercy of an event, the child starts to look at the world with the eyes of an adult...
I often questioned the tragic vision an abandoned teddy-bear, standing as the only trace of what no longer is. Why tragic ? Is it because to the child, the toy carries a sacred value ? Is it because it is partly anthropomorphic ? These are the questions I built up on to construct the teddy series.
Lonely beings, damaged people, whose outlines take form but tend to, at times and so easily, shade off. Each sculpture borrows from pencil the dynamic of strokes of drawing. Accidents are necessity. »
Exhibitions and Fairs:

Vagabondages - Espace Tilleul-  Gérardmer
Galerie Artima - Paris
AAF Brussels - Galerie Bertrand Gillig

En toutes lettres - MLC - Gérardmer
Collection Particulière - Galerie Artima - Paris
Galerie ELV - Knokke-le-Zoute (BE)
AAF London - Galerie Artima
Galerie Artima - Paris

St-Art - Foire d'art contemporain de Strasbourg - Galerie Bertrand Gillig
Galerie ELV - Knokke-le-Zoute (BE)
Galerie Courant d'Art - Mulhouse
Galerie municipale Socles et Cimaises - Nancy
Pas si bêtes - Galerie Bertrand Gillig - Strasbourg

Espace des Arts Plastiques CEPAGRAP - St Dié des Vosges
Pas si bêtes - Galerie Bertrand Gillig - Strasbourg
Galerie Courant d'Art - Mulhouse
ST'ART - Strasbourg - Galerie Bertrand Gillig

ST'ART - Strasbourg - Galerie Bertrand Gillig
Galerie Bertrand Gillig - Strasbourg

Temporary Artistic Zone - Manama (Bahreïn)

Salle Conrath - Strasbourg
Halle Verrière - Meisenthal
Alliance Française de Vientiane (Laos)

Alliance Française de Manille (Philippines)
Galerie associative Artopie - Meisenthal
Galerie Lumière - Makati (Philippines)

Galerie Allanix - Genève (CH)
Galerie du Jorat - Mézières (CH)
Galerie municipale Socles et Cimaises - Nancy

Galerie Allanix - Genève (CH)
Jardin pour la paix - Bitche
Ancienne Chapelle - Vesoul
Galerie associative "379" - Nancy

Lactinart - Kehl (DE)
Biennale de la sculpture - Shiltigheim
Espace pyramide -  Bruxelles (BE)

Espace Sofitel - Strasbourg
Salon de Château Landon - Paris
Fondation De France - Paris

Salon d'Art Contemporain de Marne la Vallée
Théâtre National de Toulouse
Galerie St Aubin - Toulouse
Parc du Grand Rond - Toulouse
Espace "Mix-art Myris" - Toulouse

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